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Aphro by KYM

Phono Disc Coil Bracelet

Phono Disc Coil Bracelet

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Indulge in the vibrant artistry of our Ghanaian Vinyl Disc Bracelet, a testament to the skilled hands of talented women artisans. Crafted from thousands of colorful pink, yellow, and red vinyl "phono" discs, this eye-catching accessory is a fusion of tradition and contemporary design. Interspersed with vibrant blue powder glass beads, the bracelet tells a story of culture and creativity, with each piece reflecting the unique touch of its maker.

The slender coil of wire allows for a versatile fit, ensuring that this striking bracelet gracefully adorns wrists of all sizes. Let the rhythmic blend of colors and textures make a bold statement as you embrace the spirit of Ghana and support the empowerment of women artisans. Elevate your style with a piece that not only adds a burst of color to your ensemble but also carries the rich narrative of craftsmanship and resilience.

Dimensions: 2.5"L x 2.5"W - One size fits most

Crafted from: Glass, plastic, metal

Made in: Ghana

African Treasures. Global Glamour.

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