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Aphro by KYM

Cow Bone and Wood Half Moon Earrings

Cow Bone and Wood Half Moon Earrings

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Dive into unique elegance with these eye-catching earrings, skillfully crafted by Kenyan artisans. Transformed from cow bone, each piece features a distinctive half-moon profile, adding a touch of individuality to your style.

Experience the artistry of hand-carved round wooden discs, bringing contrasting color and texture to the black and white elements of each earring—an exquisite blend of nature and craftsmanship.

Celebrate the beauty of imperfection as these handmade adornments ensure that each earring is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

These earrings offer a perfect balance of statement and sophistication.

Dimensions: 1.75"L x 4"H

Crafted from: Cow bone, dye, earring wires

Made in: Kenya

Aphro by KYM- African Treasures. Global Glamour.

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